Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vision: I look students as very important group and have many roles in the development of a country. Therefore, I want to aspire all of IIUM’s students to enhance leadership potential and excellence through several methods:

1. To foster closer ties with the Ministry, particularly the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development in order to ensure that the student welfare issues are not burden to the administrative IIUM solely but also to the ministry especially in term of financial.

2. To increase the performance of student leaders in the mass media and electronic media through the writings of beneficial article and sharing of ideas about current national issue to represent the views of youth in general.

Mission: In accordance with a national vision, my missions if being elected as a SRC are:

1) To represent IIUM students in voicing out their problems, especially in welfare issues. Among the key issues relating to welfare that I will bring are:

a. Car-sticker should be allowed to all students according to student’s needs, not only for final year students because not all of them really need a car. For example : second year or third year students who are actively involved in student society or students who got critical disease should be given more priorities.

b. The issue of Direct Intake Students :

• Scholarship :

Local Direct Intake Students often have problems in applying for scholarships due to their status as CELPAD student causing their approved scholarships to be revoked by sponsors.

• APT & EPT :

Direct intake students also often complained about the unexpected exams they need to sit for such as Arabic Placement Test (APT) and English Placement Test (EPT), causing them to not be able to prepare resulting in them being held back from entering Kuliyyah, thus, extending their learning period in IIUM.

• Credit transfer :

Slow process in credit transfer ( for those who want to transfer the subject that they have done especially for the Diploma students) have forced them to register for fundamental subjects at the beginning of the session entry to Kuliyyah. This problem arises even if the student has made the application while in CELPAD. As a result of delay in this process, many students suffered losses because just knowing the answers to the subjects after they register the subject. This situation once again delays their learning period.

• Taaruf week :

Taaruf week session usually begins on the first day of admission of students from IIUM Matriculation (CFS). Thus, Committee of Taaruf Week, providing signage and much more guidance to the new student only start after that, while direct intake students (local and international) are required to register in advance. This situation makes direct intake students did not receive good guidelines from IIUM and making them feels marginalized.

2) Introducing the New Economic Model for the students.

I will use the SRC as a platform to help students develop their potential in business and to solve their financial crisis as well. After almost 5 years I being a University student (3 years at UTM, 2 years in UIA), I found that the main students problem is concerned with finance, which they usually have only one financial resources which is education loan. Unfortunately, these loans are also subject to interest every month and the amount is increasing before they graduate and manage to pay the loan. Thus, I see one way to help reduce the burden of this problem is to help the students generate second financial resource.

I have outlined three methods that will I use to achieve the goals of this New Economic Model for Students (NEMS)

First: By promoting entrepreneurship to students in a first hand approach and supporting them in starting their own business. Through my observation in IIUM, a large group of students tend to seek alternative financial sources as there are many goods sold by students at Kuliyyah's musolla, mahallah's stairs, mosque and others. There are also students who are involved in car rental services, printing and computer services, direct selling and many others. Unfortunately, the University had overlooked this situation, which I will try to highlight in order to encourage more business opportunities.

Second: Most students receive educational loan or scholarship, which are usually deposited into their bank accounts without any effort to cultivate the money they got to ensure a longer-lasting sustenance for their financial needs. Hence, in NEMS, I would suggest the University to provide a sort of profitable investment which is lawful and halal for this purpose, as not many students are well acquainted with the investment scheme which are currently available.

Third: By presenting the latest information on entrepreneurial assistance from the ministry. Recently, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has suggested 4 Transformation Initiative, 11 policies and four policies intervention which are so important for youth development. Among the policies, there is promotion of social entrepreneurship. Thus, I think this is very good chance to be taken by students. Unfortunately, this information is sometimes not up to date to the students. So, I feel as a member of the SRC, it is my responsibility to disseminate this kind of information for all students in order to make sure that they get benefit from the assistance provided.

3) Requiring the appearance of every member of the SRC on a weekly basis in the 'Expressive Corner'.

As a representative and head of the youth and students in particular, I think it is the responsibility of the SRC exco members to be a good example for all students. Thus, if selected as a member of the SRC I will ensure that every member of the SRC is actively involved in delivering welfare issue especially by using ‘Expressive Corner' of IIUM. This also important to motivate the students to actively involve in charitable activities and join the students society.

4) Last but not least, my aim if being elected as SRC exco members is to strengthen the ukhuwwah between students from CFS, International and local direct intake students. There are some cases where students fail in their study just because cannot get along with their classmate. Thus, I think this mission is important in order to make sure all of students feel comfortable to study in IIUM as one big family.

That’s all from me with the hope that these vision and mission will come true with your support. Please vote for me. Thank you.^_^

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